Family Road Trip!

To start the new year off right, the Norwood family took a road trip west! We left Denver, driving south toward Albuquerque before heading west to San Diego. We made it out of Denver just in time to miss ten inches of snow. Phew!! The San Diego Zoo was the highlight of the trip for Franni and the worst part of the trip was the six hours spent stuck on I-70E just outside of Vail, CO. Along the way we got to catch up with some old friends, visit a couple awesome national parks, and spend a quick night in Las Vegas--all of which came with their share of incredible photo-ops.

We've decided that between Palm Desert, California and Denver, Colorado you can see some of the most jaw-dropping displays of God's craftsmanship via canyons, mountain tops, sunrises & sunsets, sand dunes, and crazy plant life! If you're ever in need of a great road trip route, just hit us up!