Lifestyle: Brother Zac

The reason we went east a couple weeks ago was to celebrate the life of our 'Grandaddy', Nate Norwood Sr. He was memorialized at Arlington, just outside of Washington D.C., alongside thousands of other men and women who served our country via their military service. To see service men and women in uniform fold our nation's flag over his casket and salute him with gunfire was incredible! Most of our family was able to fly in and we had a great time catching up with everyone, as well as spending time with our Nana, Mattie Norwood. 

During our stay in the D.C. metro area, Jordan hit the streets with his two younger brother's, Levi and Zac. Zac wanted some images to use for booking modeling gigs and general social media use; and Levi (also a photographer) wanted to take some images for his recently-released blog project, which features individuals of mixed races or ethnicities. Needless to say, we had a great time strolling around the up-and-coming Navy Yard neighborhood of D.C., which surrounds the Washington Nationals MLB stadium. 


We spent a little over an hour walking around and we shot everything natural light. Working with a client that you know well can be a great way to break into a comfort zone of directing your subject into poses and getting the right expressions. Zac ended up walking away with 20+ images that, we bet, he only ends up using for his Tinder profile.

You can check out Zac's Tinder profile by clicking here, ladies!