Senior Portraits: Sophie

Earlier this fall we headed toward Denver's Union Station to do a portrait session, making memories for Sophie's final year of high school. We spent a little over an hour moving from the 15th street pedestrian bridge to the west side of Union Station. The first 15 minutes of the shoot were marred by light rain, but we managed to get a few frames with the necessary umbrella. The actual umbrella had multi-colored polka-dots, but we decided to make the umbrella black and white in our post process. 

For this shoot we used the whole gamut of our gear--Sony A7R2 camera bodies with 85mm prime, 55mm prime, and 16-35mm wide-angle lenses. Can you tell which images were shot with which lens? We also made use of our ProFoto B2 off-camera flash with the collapsable, beauty dish modifier.

We are still shooting senior portraits for this school year! Click here to get started with us before it gets too cold!