Headshots: One session two companies

Justice 61 and Hint of Feisty are two Colorado companies that needed new headshots for some of their upper management individuals. They are also companies with women in those upper management positions who are 'feisty' and about their business. We had a pleasure spending a little over an hour with Mary, Jen, and Mandy. 

Justice 61 is a not-for-profit that is aimed at freeing and rehabilitating young, enslaved women--a problem that is widespread and all too frequent. At times, they work hand in hand with government agencies to save the lives of young women! Mary, the CEO, was looking for headshots that captured the seriousness of her work while giving a tone of 'hope.' We decided to capture this vibe by shooting in a dark pedestrian tunnel and creating a "light at the end of the tunnel" effect.

Hint of Feisty is a local marketing company, that is great at rebranding and moving a company from good to great! Mandy and Jen wanted headshots that reflected the company's feisty way of engaging new opportunities and of approaching success. 

All images were shot with a Sony A7RII coupled with the G-Master 85mm 1.8 lens. We also used a ProFoto B2 light with beauty dish. For the tunnel images, we threw a ProFoto B1 light at the end of the tunnel to blast out the light (until the sprinklers turned on and nearly fried the monolight!).

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