Real Estate: 23 Covington Dr.

In our biggest real estate shoot to-date (by square footage), we shot a 9,000+ sqft estate in the Denver suburb of Englewood. This home features awesome details, five bedrooms, a movie theater, four-car garage(s), gorgeous vaulted ceilings and beautiful outdoor spaces. It backs up to the High Line Canal Trail, which runs throughout southern Denver in a series of unpaved paths spanning 60 miles! 

So, how did we shoot it? We used a combination of our Phantom 4 Drone and our Sony A7RII on a tripod. The interior images, are all HDR (high dynamic range) composites of either three or five exposures of the frame. We decided to use five exposures for the images that featured windows in order to gain a little more dynamic range. Any images with no windows, we simply used three exposures. The only lens we ended up using is our Zeiss 16-35mm f/4. We pulled it all the way out to 16mm and closed the aperture down to f/11--this gave us a great depth of focus and as much detail in the foreground as in the back of the images. We kept the drone outside, even though there was plenty enough ceiling height indoors to put it to use. The MLS listing will feature some of our drone images as well as some video footage we shot. Because the sun is so powerful in Colorado, we decided to shoot the back exterior images and the front exterior images at opposing times of day.

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