Back to School with Family Portraits

Last week we caught up with one of our favorite family of clients, the Davis'. Todd and Zina wanted school pictures for their older son, Zaire, a few family portraits and a few romantic portraits of them as a couple. We were able to deliver twenty-five images to them after the 1.5 hour shoot. A few weeks ago, we found a great, versatile park in Centennial, Colorado that is great for shooting anything with children--so, we decided to bring the Davis family there. We think it worked out for the best! The park has so many textures, making it easy to achieve multiple looks in one quick shoot.  

Oh yeah! We almost forgot to mention our new ProFoto XL Deep White umbrella that we recently got. This was our first time using it as we brought it out to make the family portraits--let us know what you think. Other equipment we used during the shoot is our ProFoto B1 mono light, Sony A7RII camera bodies, and both the G-Master 70-200mm 2.8 glass and the G-Master 85mm 1.4 lens.

It's just about that time of year for holiday photos. If you want to get it done ahead of time, click here to send us some information about you, your family and how you envision your holiday portraits!