Senior Portraits: Philip

A few months back we hung out at City Park and in the RINO Arts District of Denver with Philip, shooting natural light and mono light portraits to commemorate his high school career. We had a blast! The sunlight in Colorado is typically perfect, making the use of an off-camera flash feel naturally sinful. We were able to grab some awesome hard shadows while shooting against some of RINO's intricate graffiti'd backdrops. 


The ongoing conversation during the shoot was inevitably about the street art. Philip's mom gave us a great lesson into the prestige that many local, Mexican graffiti artists have felt by having their work on display in one of the most up & coming neighborhoods in Denver (if not the country). When you get the opportunity to stroll the streets and alleys of RINO, do it!

Can you tell which images were shot using an off-camera flash and which are natural light? Which do you prefer?