Kelli + Zaire Wedding: Tulum, Mexico

To say it was 'our pleasure' would be an understatement. Aleah and I had the incredible opportunity to fly to Cancun and hop on a quick shuttle to one of the most gorgeous resorts in the area. For work! Our friends, Kelli and Zaire, graciously invited us to be a part of their wedding day and week. This was our first wedding shot together, with six in the works for 2018. To warm us up, we took some shots of the soon-to-be Andersons a couple days prior to the nuptials. We called it an engagement session and had a blast shooting them on the beach as sunset approached. Though a sunrise shoot would have been ideal given the east facing beachfront, the golden sun did not disappoint during its decent. 

For our first wedding day (as photographers) we got our feet wet by doing a, 12-hour work day! We shot both the bride and the groom getting ready, the ceremony, the dinner and reception. To our surprise (to be honest), the whole day went smoothly. Our easy-going personalities seemed to mesh well with our awesome bride and groom's laid back approach. After the ceremony, which was in a white, clay gazebo just off the beach, we took the newlyweds for about 45 minutes of wedding portraits--our favorite part! We bounced around three pre-scouted locations on the resort and were able to get all of the shots we needed and 75% of the shots we hoped to get. The most difficult part of the day, by far, was the reception. By this time the sun had set and the reception area was lit by the full spectrum of colored DJ lights, and every five to ten feet there was a low palm leaf canopy that was only about five and a half feet high. 


We will be delivering all photos in color and a select few [mostly portraits] delivered in black and white also. The editing process has been pretty fun, once the daunting task of narrowing 2000+ images down to 750 was completed. We look forward to dropping Kelli and Zaire's jump drive, photo book and oversized print in the mail to them soon. 

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