Family Portraits

In Studio: Trent Family

Back in October we set up our home studio to welcome in the Trent family. They were some of our first clients a little over a year ago when we started shooting, not for money, but for gift cards to restaurants! Needless to say, this awesome family of four has been an incredible blessing to get to know over the past year. 

This year, father and husband, Asim, was hoping to do something a little different. He came across a portrait we made and posted on our social media, which resembled the Platon aesthetic. Just being told that our portrait made him think of the famed British photographer, Platon, was encouraging enough--so, to be summoned to shoot individual, family portraits in that style was a real treat.  

One of the advantages of working in-studio is tethering our cameras to the computer. We tether our Sony A7RII camera bodies to our iMac via a Tether Tools cable and use Capture One Pro 10 for Sony in order to bring the images in and apply some preset processes to each image--this is so that the models can get a feel for what the final images will look like. We ended up delivering 9 images in total--in both color and black & white for each. These four are our personal favorites! What do you think? The opportunities for wall art made from these images are very exciting--framed individually, side-by-side in one long panoramic image, or even in a 2x2 layout within one square frame would be pretty cool. We are excited to see how they decide to frame and display their portraits.

If you are interested in individual, family portraits with Norwood Foto, follow up via email or simply click right here and we can get something on the calendar! 

Kai and Mommy

Our fall mini-sessions last week were partially thwarted by mother nature. However, we were able to get the morning sessions in with spurts of sunshine and some cool, fall breezes before the afternoon's rain. Check-out the images from our 30-minute shoot with Kai and his mom, Giulia. We brought a stool and some autumn leaves out to City Park in Denver to create the seasonal look and feel. 

These photos were all taken with natural light, with a pretty good amount of cloud cover. We had a blast throwing leaves in the air and chasing this guy around the park.

If you're interested in a mini-session or a full-length family shoot, we would love to get on the phone with you to make it a reality. It'll be time to send out holiday cards before we know it! Please shoot us an email or give us a | 720-618-4470

Galloway Kids

Three twenty minute kid-sessions, back to back to back was a blast. We shot our friends' twin boys and younger daughter a few days ago. Taking twenty minutes with each kid, we hung out at a nearby park and rolled through some portraits for the new school year. Check out some of our favorite images below. Are there more cute, handsome and photogenic kids on the face of the Earth? We think not!

Over the past few weeks we have been making a switch to Capture One Pro 10 for our post-process and it seems to be working out well compared to Adobe Lightroom. For this shoot we used a combination of Capture One and Adobe Photoshop to accomplish smooth, evenly toned skin and bright, intriguing eyes! 

Let us know what you think!