Portrait Photography

Senior Portraits in Highlands Ranch

Lately, we've found ourselves photographing a good number of high school's class of 2019.  Senior portraits are a lot of fun for us to shoot, and our time spent with Maya was no exception. As family friends, we even got to bring our kids along! In scrolling down and through the attached images, you'll say to yourself 'well, she made your job very easy' and you wouldn't be lying.

We ended up spending about three hours with Maya at a near by lake park and at her family's home. The amount of colors and textures we were able to compliment her with made this shoot one of our favorites. The overwhelming sunlight caused us to make use of our reflector for some shade but other than that, as with most of our portrait shoots, we kept Maya's back to the sun or her face completely shaded. Let us know how you think the fotos turned out!

We are still booking and shooting senior portraits for the 2019 class--we have even booked shoots as far as Omaha, Nebraska! If you or someone you know might be looking for an easy-going pair of photographers for a senior portrait session please shoot us an email at hello@norwoodfoto.com! 

College Graduation: Raquel

It's that time of year! Someone you know is graduating from high school, college, or maybe just the fifth grade. Either way, it's reason to celebrate! We had the opportunity to help our friend Raquel celebrate her graduation from Metro State University in Denver, CO. She walked us around her beautiful downtown campus, showing us some of the highlights and some of the spots that meant the most to her--like her basketball locker room. 

Big thanks to Raquel for hanging with us all afternoon in the sun and heat. We were able to get some great images, hopefully, that remind you of some of the great experiences you had as an undergrad! 

To book your portrait session for you or your graduate, just shoot us an email: hello@norwoodfoto.com