Profoto B2

Mother's Day: Gift from the Boys

Our friend, Jimmy, decided to have photos taken of his two boys, printed, and framed for his wife on Mother's Day. What a great idea!? We headed over to a local park around golden hour (an hour or so before sunset) to get some images of Niko and Michael, as well as of a couple four-legged members of the family. The shoot lasted about an hour, using mostly the Sony A7R2 body with the Sony GMaster 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. We also made use of one Profoto B2 head with a 2' octa soft box modifier. 

Shoot us an email if you have any quick portrait needs such as this. We would love to get out for an hour or so to get you some images to use as framed gifts for a spouse or special person! Our base shoots start at $250 but can be as low as $50 depending on what you need. 

Newborn Session with BABY Serenity

Baby Serenity gave us the opportunity to shoot our youngest infant yet. She was just two weeks old when she came by the studio, accompanied by mom, dad and grandma. We went at Serenity's pace, a feeding here, a diaper change there, and our fair share of laughs and cries. All in all, we spent a couple hours together and were able to put some memorable images together! If you're in the Denver area and looking to do a newborn session it's best to get your session on the calendar asap--Serenity surprised us all.

The gear: We shot all images with our Sony A7R2 camera bodies, the Zeiss 55mm 1.8, and the G-Master 85mm 1.4 lenses. For the dramatic lighting we used a black drop cloth with a two-light set up: one ProFoto B2 with an octa-softbox, and one Profoto B1 with a grid kit.